Program in Teaching

Debbie Ebert Bloss

  • Class of 2000
  • Art Major
  • Participated in the Program in Teaching
  • Master of Science in Education, 2002, Bank St. College of Education

Debbie obtained her masters and certification two years after graduating from Williams and is now in her seventh year of teaching. Upon graduation, she taught in Jersey City for six years and now works as a literacy coach in St. Paul, Minnesota. She works in a public, urban elementary school and works closely with other teachers as a literacy coach. Her favorite thing about teaching is “deciding on how to meet the needs of the children in my class and adapting/designing curricula to meet those needs and interests.” Her least favorite part is dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork often required in public schools. Her advice for future teachers “is to look at the culture of a school as they job search. If possible, look for an environment where teachers value collaboration, where there is strong leadership, and where support systems for new teachers are in place. Teaching is a very rewarding profession, especially when there is a community of colleagues with which to work.”