Program in Teaching

Jessica Ohly

  • Class of 2002
  • English Major
  • Master in Education, 2006, Bank Street College of Education

Jessica spent her time at Williams taking a large variety of classes, sampling courses from over eighteen departments while also working extensively at the local elementary school. Her broad knowledge base and enthusiasm for learning serves her well in her role as a fourth grade teacher. Jessica is currently in her fifth year of teaching after obtaining her masters and certification through the Bank Street College of Education in 2006. She has taught in New York City, Washington D.C and Boston and worked with a summer volunteer professional development program in Asia.

Jessica currently works at a medium sized suburban elementary school outside of Boston, teaching English, science, math and history. When asked to name her favorite thing about teaching, she struggled to narrow it down to just one answer. “I love that every day brings something new, and that you never know just what to expect. I love the creative freedom to teach in innovative and exciting ways. I love working with my colleagues and friends, sharing ideas and information, and that I never stop learning.” Despite all the great parts of her job, she freely admits that she “detests” many standardized tests and gets tired of “teacher classes”.