Program in Teaching

Kendra Totman

  • Class of 2005
  • Psychology Major
  • Participated in Program in Teaching
  • Received a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, Specialization in Out of School Education with Citizens Schools from Lesley University 2008

Kendra is in her third year of teaching after graduating from Williams with a degree in Psychology. She taught for two years in an urban after school program for middle schoolers. She now teaches middle school outdoor education at Boston University’s Sargent Center for Outdoor Education, a small, rural middle school in New Hampshire. She enjoys her time teaching outdoor education, including environmental and adventure education, at this alternative but very rewarding school environment. She “loves working with students and seeing the progress they make as individuals and as a group.”

Her least favorite thing about teaching is “the enormous amount of pressure I feel to meet objectives and goals that sometimes doesn’t leave me the time to allow the kids to explore and learn in a relaxed environment.” She wishes she had known during her time at Williams “more about the large range of jobs in education that were outside of the immediate classroom teacher model.”