Student Profiles

Kendra Totman

  • Class of 2005
  • Psychology Major
  • Participated in Program in Teaching
  • Received a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, Specialization in Out of School Education with Citizens Schools from Lesley University 2008

Kendra is in her third year of teaching after graduating from Williams with a degree in Psychology. She taught for two years in an urban after school program for middle schoolers. She now teaches middle school outdoor education at Boston University’s Sargent Center for Outdoor Education, a small, rural middle school in New Hampshire. She enjoys her time teaching outdoor education, including environmental and adventure education, at this alternative but very rewarding school environment. She “loves working with students and seeing the progress they make as individuals and as a group.”

Her least favorite thing about teaching is “the enormous amount of pressure I feel to meet objectives and goals that sometimes doesn’t leave me the time to allow the kids to explore and learn in a relaxed environment.” She wishes she had known during her time at Williams “more about the large range of jobs in education that were outside of the immediate classroom teacher model.”

Debbie Ebert Bloss

  • Class of 2000
  • Art Major
  • Participated in the Program in Teaching
  • Master of Science in Education, 2002, Bank St. College of Education

Debbie obtained her masters and certification two years after graduating from Williams and is now in her seventh year of teaching. Upon graduation, she taught in Jersey City for six years and now works as a literacy coach in St. Paul, Minnesota. She works in a public, urban elementary school and works closely with other teachers as a literacy coach. Her favorite thing about teaching is “deciding on how to meet the needs of the children in my class and adapting/designing curricula to meet those needs and interests.” Her least favorite part is dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork often required in public schools. Her advice for future teachers “is to look at the culture of a school as they job search. If possible, look for an environment where teachers value collaboration, where there is strong leadership, and where support systems for new teachers are in place. Teaching is a very rewarding profession, especially when there is a community of colleagues with which to work.”

Jessica Ohly

  • Class of 2002
  • English Major
  • Master in Education, 2006, Bank Street College of Education

Jessica spent her time at Williams taking a large variety of classes, sampling courses from over eighteen departments while also working extensively at the local elementary school. Her broad knowledge base and enthusiasm for learning serves her well in her role as a fourth grade teacher. Jessica is currently in her fifth year of teaching after obtaining her masters and certification through the Bank Street College of Education in 2006. She has taught in New York City, Washington D.C and Boston and worked with a summer volunteer professional development program in Asia.

Jessica currently works at a medium sized suburban elementary school outside of Boston, teaching English, science, math and history. When asked to name her favorite thing about teaching, she struggled to narrow it down to just one answer. “I love that every day brings something new, and that you never know just what to expect. I love the creative freedom to teach in innovative and exciting ways. I love working with my colleagues and friends, sharing ideas and information, and that I never stop learning.” Despite all the great parts of her job, she freely admits that she “detests” many standardized tests and gets tired of “teacher classes”.

Sumant Bhat

  • Class of 2003
  • Economics and Psychology Double Major

The summer after graduation, Sumant taught high school Math and English at Salisbury Summer School, a private boarding school. From 2003 to 2004, Sumant taught middle school math and coached the basketball, soccer, and tennis teams at Princeton Day School, a private K-12 school in Princeton, NJ. Currently Sumant teaches 6-8th grade Math and coaches middle school basketball and tennis at Meadowbrook School, a private K-8 day school in Weston, MA.

Sumant is currently in his 6th year of teaching. He teaches mathematics and enjoys the energy that his students bring to the classroom each day. He loves “coming to school everyday knowing that it will be different. I never know what challenges and success will come my way but knowing that I will have a hand in helping a child’s development not just in my subject but in other areas gets me excited to come to school every day.” During his time as an undergrad, Sumant taught in the local school system and believes that “the best way to learn about teaching is to do it and get in the classroom in any capacity. What you are teaching is important cause you are at your best when you are passionate about what you are teaching. However knowing who you are teaching, the individual learning styles and the stresses and developmental battles they go through every day is even more important.”

Katie Marsh Garvin

  • Class of 2005
  • American Studies and Psychology Major
  • Participated in the Program in Teaching
  • Masters in Education with concentration and certification in School Counseling/Guidance, St. Lawrence University 2006

Katie recently began her third year in the field of education at a small public elementary school in Massachusetts. After getting her masters and certification in education, she pursued a career in elementary school counseling. She works closely with the teachers in her building and plays an instrumental role in the lives of her students. During her time at Williams, Katie participated in the Program in Teaching and student taught as part of the Advanced Seminar in Teaching and Learning. She encourages undergrads considering a career in education to get as much exposure to the field as possible, through internships, shadowing and student teaching.

Anna Morrisson

  • Class of 2007
  • English Major
  • Certified through Mississippi Teacher Corps

After graduating from Williams in 2007, Anna quickly joined the Mississippi Teacher Corps, a two-year teacher training and certification program that offers a full scholarship for a Master’s degree in education and a job placement in a “critical-needs” school district in Mississippi. She spent the summer after graduation in an intense summer training program run through the University of Mississippi. Anna has enjoyed her time teaching high school English at a large, rural public school. She loves “knowing that she is truly having an immediate impact on improving my community and changing the world!” Like many other teachers, Anna encourages undergrads to get some experience and exposure during their time at Williams to witness “how jam-packed a day of teaching really is, and to see the differences between the elementary, middle and high school teaching.”